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Clusters LogoOur High School Small Group Ministry

6-8pm    Mid-Week

Meeting in homes throughout the community


Webster’s dictionary defines a “cluster” as: “A group of the same or similar elements gathered closely together.  To gather or grow in bunches.”

Clusters are our high school small group ministry that is designed to combine people of similar interests to learn, grow, and mature in their faith together.  These groups will coincide with the Awana and Ignite ministries that meet on Wednesday nights from 6-8pm.  However, what’s different about this ministry is instead of meeting at the church we will be meeting in pre-approved homes throughout the community.

Our youth ministry’s goal is to “guide our youth to ‘Grow Deeper’ in their relationship with God and to ‘Go Wider’ in their influence!”  And this ministry’s purpose is have youth grow deeper in their faith through discipleship and discovering God’s word together in a small group.

Quick Facts About Clusters:

* Each cluster will consist of 5-10 youth (separated by gender) and 1-2 leaders.  Each cluster will stay together throughout the whole school year.

* We will have several “rounds” throughout the school year and each round is a different theme or video series.  Each round will consist of 6-10 weeks.  Youth will have a chance to join an existing cluster IN-BETWEEN rounds (not during).  So make sure you sign up today.

* Each cluster will meet in a pre-approved host home throughout the community.

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Clusters Start September 11th

Sign Up Today!


me i want to be cluster 7 Weeks Video Series  (Sept. 11 - Oct. 16th)

The Me I Want To Be: Are you REALLY LIVING = full of joy and peace, in harmony with God, others, self; curious, willing to learn and experience opportunities to grow toward the Best Version of yourself; or..   Are you DECAYING = lacking mental and emotional energy, felling uneasy and not very content, too self-focused?



something bigger cluster4 Weeks Video Series (Oct. 23rd - Nov. 13th)

Something Bigger: Teenagers inherently feel the call to live for something bigger, to do something that makes a difference, to become people who impact the world around them.  But many of those same teenagers wonder how they can best respond to that call.  Something Bigger will help the youth explore four important decisions that will open the door to God's work in their lives.  Drawing the lives and faith experiences of four biblical characters. 

Clusters new logo3 Weeks Cluster Choice Nights (Dec. 4th - Dec. 18th)

Cluster Choice Nights: These three nights are dependant up on each Cluster.  Service projects, parties, student led, or whatever else they would like to do.  Check with each Cluster leader for more information.


good news in the neighborhood cluster8 Weeks (Jan. 8th - Feb. 27th)

Good News In The Neighborhood: This series will deep dive your students into the practical realities of a radical life with Jesus. Built around six themes of community life, students will gain an understanding of their role in their community and be challenged by a series of simple experiments they can try. More than a series that teaches your students about being Good News in their community, Good News in the Neighborhood offers practical application based on the life of Jesus and the 1st century Church. Our hope is that your students begin to see how God has called them to become good news in their homes, schools, and neighborhoods.


messiah cluster7 Weeks Video Series (March 5th - April 16th)

The Messiah: Looking for a fresh way to introduce your students to Jesus? The Messiah will engage your students through creative presentations and hands-on opportunities to examine big truths revealed in the Gospel of John.  Teenagers will get a firsthand view of what it was like to walk with Jesus, and they'll dive into the words written by this disciple who heard what The Messiah said and witnessed what he did.  Video segments for each lesson feature visual works created by artist and speaker Eric Samuel Timm, along with presentations from worship artist Hettie Marie and youth ministry veteran Johnny Scott. Each artistic image reveals one of The Messiah's attributes or traits.


April 23rd will be the Year End Cluster Party!

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Clusters (Small Groups)

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