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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Turning The Tide Youth Ministries?
We are a ministry of Bible Fellowship Church (www.bfcrc.com) in Rapid City, SD.  It is the umbrella that covers our weekly ministries of Radiate (grades 9-12th), Ignite (grades 7th-8th), and Clusters Small Group Ministry (grades 9th-12th).
Our mission statement is: “Guiding our youth to grow closer in their relationship with God and go wider in their influence.”

What will my youth expect at these ministries?
No matter the ministry we strive to provide a safe and fun place where youth will be accepted by the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  Where youth can expect some great worship, fun games, challenging messages, and a time to openly ask questions and get some real answers.

Do any of the ministries cost money?
Our normal weekly ministries are free however there might be special nights that cost money and everyone will be notified beforehand.  There are however set annual events that cost money including our central district youth conference (in Nov.) and our New Year’s Lock-In.

Why do you go by grades and not ages?
Due to youth who are homes schooled and the birthday deadlines with the public schools being different going by ages is very tricky and a logistical nightmare.  But grades are simple and easy to handle.  However the main reason we go by school grades and not ages is because the schools start and finish at reasonably the same time and birthdays are throughout the year.  It is much easier to separate the ministries by grades then.  (Our grades change on June 1st of every year this is when everyone moves up a grade.)

Can parents come?
Radiate and Ignite are open for any parents to stop by meet the adult leadership or simply just check it out to see what we are all about.
Clusters are closed due to the sensitivity and confidentiality of providing a high school small group where youth can feel safe to open up about deep personal and spiritual issues.  If you want to know more about what Clusters do then click here.

How can I help as a Parent?
One of our highest priorities as a ministry is partnering with parents to reach this next generation.  We want to provide support and resources for parents and guardians (the main influence of a youth).  As a parent you can help by in many ways including:

  • Help support the youth ministry financially when you can (we off scholarships for youth who need some help for important special events).
  • Having all permission slips be filled out on time!  (Every youth needs help in getting these things in on time).
  • Becoming an adult sponsor for one of our weekly ministries or special events.
  • Be a driver for our special events.
  • Provide treats or snacks when needed.

How can contact the leadership of Turning The Tide Youth Ministries?
You can contact Jon Fiester at jonfiester@hotmail.com.

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