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Bible Fellowship Church
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Become An Adult Sponsor

Process of Becoming an Adult Sponsor:

(Pray and seek God’s will throughout the entire process)

1. Communicate Interest

You may have an interest in helping, but are unsure as to where or exactly how, that’s no problem just contact Jon Fiester.  Remember, some of the most unlikely people make the greatest leaders; so take the next step as you prayerfully consider this ministry.

2. Receive a Volunteer Packet (download it below)

Take a close look at who we are and why we do what we do as a ministry.

3. Fill Out the Child & Youth Worker Application (received after you’ve looked over the packet)

Read through the child and youth worker’s handbook

A complete CORI background check will be done

4. Observe Our Ministries (for a minimum of two weeks)

While you are still in the process of completing the volunteer packet, you are encouraged to observe our ministries.  This is an important opportunity to get a feel for the ministry without having expectations or responsibilities placed on you.  You will have a chance to meet students, other staff, and gather questions and thoughts for the upcoming meeting.

5. Interview with Jon and an Elder

This is an opportunity for you to share thoughts from your observations, describe your spiritual journey, and discuss in more detail your gifts and desires for working in youth ministry.

6. Permanent Ministry Placement (for a one year term, with unlimited number of terms available)

Upon signature and approval of the adult sponsor covenant agreement… WELCOME!

Note: Not every applicant will be placed in our youth ministries.  Part of this process is to help determine where you will be most fruitful in ministry.

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Become An Adult Sponsor


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