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30 Years of Blessings!

The BIBLE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH OF THE MENNONITE BRETHREN at 1212 E. Fairmont Blvd., first known as the PEOPLE'S BIBLE CHURCH, began to meet officially as a congregation 30 years ago on November 5th, 1978 at the Grandview School under the leadership of Pastor Dale Wiebe, assisted by his wife Marilyn, a gifted musician.

Dale and Marilyn Wiebe

Dale and Marilyn Wiebe

The seedlings and vision for the church began thru the ministry of the Mennonite Disaster Service during the 1972 flood followed by the work of Buffy and Marlynn Branam with youth in the Lakota homes.

There was no core group to start the church, but beginning in July, 1978 through much door to door canvassing, converts from personal evangelism using the Evangelism Explosion method, and small Bible studies in restaurants the first nucleus was formed.

Buffy and Marlynn Branam
Buffy and Marlynn Branam


group of church membersThe group of church members Home Missions and Trustee members that met to pray and claim the land for the Lord.

Forty acres of land was purchased by the Central District MB Conference of Churches, and then plots were sold to accommodate the vision of the emerging congregation. The first phase of the church building was dedicated on July 13, 1980. Churches had sent volunteer workers to help Elmer Seibel, contractor, work all without cost. The Conference stood by with "Big Brother" offerings.

The barren, rocky field before construction...

The barren, rocky field
before construction...

Waldo and June WiebeWaldo and June Wiebe

Following the work of the Church Planter, Waldo Wiebe, the District Minister, and his wife June, arrived August, 1980 to work as interim pastor. The next two years were characterized by strong Bible teaching and discipleship training. They continued the radio ministry that was begun over Radio KVSR and began the Singles' Ministry.

First phase of the Church Building completed!First phase of the Church Building completed!

On July 15th, 1983 the church we welcomed Pastor Richard and Elvira Nickel and their daughters Kerry, Kaylene and Kristi.


The Nickels Family '83
The Nickels Family '83

AWANA Club in action! (1990's)
AWANA Club in action! (1990's)

Ministry soon began to expand through inspiring preaching, counseling, music ministry and the introduction of the weekly "AWANA CLUB

This is an active three part weekly program emphasizing Bible memory, games and assembly teaching times. It brought in many unchurched children from the area and greatly expended the ministry.


In the next ten years the Church experienced growing pains through a strong influx from the Ellsworth Air Force and new people moving into the area. It was also the time of establishing church structure for growth through responsible leadership. The congregation was involved in numerous ministries such as Retirement Home meetings, jail services, career singles ministry and work at the Cornerstone Rescue Mission. Highlights each year were the Vacation Bible School, Church campouts and the Christmas programs. During this time Willie and Kathy Hunter served the Church on a two year Christian Service Program, working especially with the youth.

The Rapid City Christian High School was invited to use the facilities of the Church in 1988 and building renovations were made to accommodate the approximate 60 member student body. The Church counted this as an extension of their ministry. This initiated the building of the "Link "containing two large classrooms in l989. The Church took on the atmosphere and sounds of an active school. In 1998-99 135 students attended with active use of the entire church facilities in the full range of school activities They moved to their own facility during the summer of 2007 to the Hart Ranch area which completed 19 years of ministry together.

Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School

Work was never done single handed. The Church has been blessed with the ministries of Associate Pastors Waldo Wiebe (l990-97) and George Robinson (l993-94), and Youth Pastors Steve Gilbert (91-92), Tom and Amy Cartney (94-96), Glen and Marissa Krispense (96-98), Mike and Diane Petts (99-04)Youth Directors Tracy and Jamie Limberg, Chas and Sandy Fender and presently Kyle Goings (2005-present).

Parents Night!
Parents Night!


Other areas of ministry that have reaped great blessings are the men and women's ministry. Each year there are men and women's retreats, women's brunches and men's breakfasts as well as we have developed a new Life Groups Ministry.

Pastor Kyle and Katie!
Pastor Kyle and Katie!








Jon and Michele Fiester

127small.jpgIn 2008 after 25 years of faithful ministry Pastor and Mrs. Nickel retired from this pastorate at Bible Fellowship Church. The congregation began seeking and praying for a new pastor claiming the promise of Jeremiah 3:15, "I will give you shepherds according to My heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding." Following 10 months of internal evaluation and growth, the church body extended a call to Peter John Thomas and Jodi Thomas began their ministry at Bible Fellowship Church on March 23, 2009. His leadership has been characterized by strong emphasis on prayer, careful administration, stong preaching and teaching of the Word, an emphasis on small groups and outreach and a love for the people all with great enthusiasm.

2013 was a year of change at Bible Fellowship Church.  Pastor Kyle Goings left BFC and is now in Witchita, KS.  We thank Pastor Kyle and Katie for their many years of devoted service to BFC.

In early 2014, we hired Jon and Michele Fiester to be the new Youth Leaders. 

Pastor Peter and Jodi Thomas left Bible Fellowship Church at the end of 2014 to go back to the East coast to be closer to their families.

The Lead Pastor position was filled on February 14th, 2016 by Pastor Daniel Fiester.  His wife Shelley and their three children came to us from LaJunta, CO.  We are excited to have him join the ministry here at Bible Fellowship Church.  A picture will be posted of Pastor Daniel and his wonderful family soon!

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